Our offices will be closed until April 1. Please click here for details.

Out of an abundance of caution for our clients, our selves, and all of our loved ones our offices with be closed until April 1.  Please know that I did not come to this decision without a great amount of reflection, research and yes, regret. Please keep yourselves and your loved ones safe by following […] (Read Article)

On Being Good Citizens         – COVID 19 –         Our current policy

We are living in unprecedented times and everyone is questioning whether to keep their appointments for massage.  We understand.  We are in the same position. Please know that here at Body • Mind • Spirit we are following all of the usual protocol but have stepped up the sanitizing of all surfaces that either we or […] (Read Article)

The Gift of Love

In a society that is so driven by acquiring more and more it’s no wonder we’re seeing a growing trend to gift an experience instead of more stuff.  The gift of massage makes it personal.  It’s about relaxation, wellness, taking a time-out to just let the world turn on it’s own, just for a little […] (Read Article)

Welcome to the Holiday Season

We’re well into November and it’s time to look ahead.  Simplify your life and enrich the lives of those you love with their favorite gift.  Massage. No doubt, we live in stressful times.  Nurture your loved ones with a special experience.  Consider gift certificates for massage.  This is a gift of peace that will not […] (Read Article)

Create a routine of self-care

Making massage a part of  your self-care routine is a winning start.  Besides just feeling great, massage benefits your wellbeing on many levels.  Whether you want to commit to a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly schedule we have the tools to help you get started. Membership in our Six-Month Wellness program is for you and you alone. […] (Read Article)

Summer Pack is Back!

Enjoy the summertime with massage.  We are again offering the Summer Pack–Three Sessions for $190 which saves you $50 on the regular pricing.  Order now for yourself or for someone else.  Like Dad, perhaps? (Read Article)

Dear teachers: We’d like to thank you…

Teachers, we’d love the opportunity to thank you for all you do! Schedule a massage during the month of May and we’ll take $20 off.  You deserve it!! Or send out a little hint!  A massage is what you really need!  After all, it’s a tough job changing the world.       (Read Article)

Glowing reports regarding our new Aesthetician Services.

Welcome Hannah Baker, Medical Aesthetician. I can’t tell you how happy we are to welcome Hannah to our team.  Not only is she highly skilled but her nurturing, beautiful spirit is a remarkable asset to the Body • Mind • Spirit experience. Hannah’s skills are immediately evident in her guidance and teaching by giving our clients […] (Read Article)

“To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

  Certainly this quote can be applied to the art of massage. But it holds true in so many ways. It occurs to me that we can affect the quality of the day in countless ways. Even in creating a beautiful environment, I believe we have an affect on the quality of someones day. Take […] (Read Article)

Someone asked what it’s like — to do what I do.

I was having a conversation with someone a while back when she asked what it’s like to work in this field of therapy.  Since then I’ve thought a lot about my response and have had occasion to repeat it a number of times since. The first thing that occurred to me still holds true after […] (Read Article)