We will overcome.

Create a routine of self-care

Making massage a part of  your self-care routine is a winning start.  Besides just feeling great, massage benefits your wellbeing on many levels.  Whether you want to commit to a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly schedule we have the tools to help you get started.

Membership in our Six-Month Wellness program is for you and you alone.  And because you are making the commitment to a regular series of sessions it offers the deepest price break.   Along with discounted pricing our members also enjoy a 20% discount on upgrades, additional services*,  or on the purchase of gift certificates for holidays or special occasions.

Packages still afford you the opportunity to save but with more flexibility.  You can use the package for yourself or you can share it.  You can schedule as needed and have a full year to use up  your package.  Just give us a call if you’d like to share with a friend–we can either put them on the schedule or  send them a gift certificate for you.

However you choose to get started you can’t go wrong.  Making time to focus on your wellbeing is an investment with countless rewards.

Contact us today.  We’d love to help you get started.


*discounts to not apply to aesthetician services