We will overcome.

Our offices will be closed until April 1. Please click here for details.

Out of an abundance of caution for our clients, our selves, and all of our loved ones our offices with be closed until April 1.  Please know that I did not come to this decision without a great amount of reflection, research and yes, regret.

Please keep yourselves and your loved ones safe by following the protective plans that are in place within your community.  Since none of us can know with any certainty whether we are carrying the COVID 19 virus it is to all of our best interest to cancel all massage sessions at this time.  We certainly can’t keep our distance while providing a massage.

I implore of the young, healthy, robust members of our society to please take all precautions.  We understand that your experience of the virus may not be severe but we all must step up, be good citizens and not think selfishly.  It’s not about us as individuals.  We are all struggling. Many of us have had our very livelihoods threatened,  our hours cut, watched our investments take a nosedive and if you’re a small businesses owner, trust me, I get it.  There are many people in our society, our world, who will lose loved ones.   We have no way of knowing who is a carrier.   But we do know there is a possibility that any one of us can expose it to the people we know and love.

On a lighter side, I just watched a segment on PBS News Hour showing how people are handling the isolation in Italy, Spain and here at home.  It was heart warming.  A tenor stood on his balcony  and sang to his neighbors.  Another man played his saxophone and yet another led his neighbors in song as they all joined in from their balconies.  We’ll get through this.  Reach out to one another.  Embrace kindness and goodness.  There are many ways to rediscover our humanity as we settle in to this temporary time out.

And when we start to emerge on the other side, when it is prudent to do so, we will be here for you.

We anxiously look forward to serving you soon.  In the mean time take a walk, read a book, paint your masterpiece and by all means reach out to one another by phone, face time or on-line.  Get creative.  We look forward to hearing each of your stories.  May they be filled with stories of finding peace and an abundance of love.

With Gratitude,