Wellness Program

Individuals who are serious about taking hold of their health can do so at a significant savings.  Membership in our wellness program enables our clients to address issues before they take a toll on their body, mind and spirit.   Along with the scheduled sessions you will enjoy a 20% discount on all additional services, products and gift certificates.  As long as you remain a member in good standing your membership rates will never go up.

Six-Month Individual Membership            $200.00*

Six-Month Family Membership                   $500.00*

Choose between:

Weekly Program

 entitles you to a one-hour massage every week for 6 months (26 sessions)

at $40.00 each**

(saving $710.00)


Bi-Weekly  Program

 entitles you to a one-hour massage every other week for 6 months (13 sessions)

at $45.00 each**

(saving $190.00)

Family Program

Invest in the wellness of the people you love.  Up to five people in your immediate household

will benefit from  a one-hour session per week for 6 months ( a possible 130 sessions!)

at $50.00 each**

(potential for substantial savings)

*Payable at signing.

**Payable at the time of visit.